Dobele county festival

The region of Dobele will bloom this May. With the first flourishing lilac blossoms in the legendary Garden of Pēteris Upītis, people of Dobele county will rise as well. Noble and creative doers of the region will mark the beginning of another working season together with graceful burst of lilacs. At the height of lilac blooming – 24th, 25th and 26th of May -  the streets of Dobele will be filled with culture and entertainment, uniting music, dance, theatre, sports, craftsmenship, marketplaces, and more. Dobele Lilac festival is an opportunity for the local community and guests from near and far to celebrate the wonderful time of lilac blooming together.

Grand bouquet of events

As per tradition, the festival will begin with Dobele county school youth song and dance concert, which will take place in the evening of May 24th, at Ķestermeža estrāde. In 25th of May throughout the whole day, at the Historical Market Square of Dobele and the nearby parks and areas, visitors will be able to enjoy and appreciate the vast variety of art, music, theatre, cinema, sports, ancient and modern crafts and entertainment events. The entire weekend visitors may also tour the spectacular blooming lilac estate of Pēteris Upītis, in Lilac garden of Institute of Horticulture. Moreover, in the evening of May 26th, all admirers of classical music and opera are encouraged to dwell in the sounds of Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, and others, performed by Latvian National Opera soloists.

Let’s bloom together!

Every year Dobele county Lilac festival merges professional art, amateur art and gives visitors the freedom to participate in all kinds of activities. Alongside the events that have become a yearly tradition, for example, celebratory parade, night ball, and others, the organizers have prepared a surprise – unique, specially created for this Lilac festival, large-format lilac flowers, designed and made by artist Jeļena Egliņa.